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Docomo, The Japanese carrier prevents texting while Walking

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As of today, Docomo which is one of the largest Japanese carriers has made a move against pedestrians who text while walking. 

A lot of emphasis is always put on "texting and driving" while at the other hand "texting and walking" in the street is still very dangerous.

A study proved that texting pedestrians were 3.9 times more likely to disregard common safety guidelines which makes them a threat on the street. So, Docomo which is one of the largest cell phone carriers in Japan decided to step up to the problem and add a "Safety Mode" for Android users.

The phone that has this option activated would display a message "Using your smartphone while walking is dangerous. The phone senses you are walking. Please Stop". When you tap "Close" the warning message will give you an extra 10 seconds.

The new developed mode works for Android phones and you can adjust its sensitivity according to your phone's sensor. Docomo is having a massive campaign in Japan to aware people about the issue, it is a cartoon image of a man distracted by his cell phone and about to be hit by a bus.

Docomo's Safety Mode stops texting while walking
Please don't text and walk at the same time, it is very dangerous.
Source: Docomo


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