5 Smartphone Tips for Power Users

5 Smartphone Tips for Power Users

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There are around 6.5 billion smartphone users in this world today. Yet, not everyone uses smartphones the same way. Some users are power users who know how to access the best features of their phones and how to take care of their beloved electronic devices.

If you are also a power user or want to become one, then the following are some important things that you must look into for your smartphone:

1. Use a VPN Service

Using a wi-fi connection at home is quite different from using a wi-fi or hotspot connection at a restaurant, café, library, etc. This is because it’s easier for cybercriminals and hackers to break into public networks than private networks.

If you want to protect your personal data and potential thefts (in case you compromise your online banking credentials or other sensitive information), then it’s strongly recommended that you start using a reliable VPN service. There are all kinds of VPN service options available on the Internet and you can pick any one that suits your budget and preferences. Most of these services are available at a monthly cost of just a few dollars.

2. Get Insurance

No matter how careful you are with your personal mobile device, you are bound to slip at some point in time. It’s not uncommon for people to forget their phones in clubs or cafes, only to become victims of theft.

In light of all the risks concerned, one of the nicest things you can do for your smartphone is to get it insured. A decent mobile phone insurance plan will cover both accidental loss and theft of your phone. If your phone is expensive, then investing in a decent insurance cover is definitely worth it.

3. Save Battery

No one is ever satisfied with the battery capacity of their phone- we are always scrambling for chargers sooner than later on a regular basis. If you face the same problem, then you can try the following tips to improve your battery backup:

  • Reduce screen brightness whenever possible. If your phone has an ambient sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness, then you may not need to change the brightness setting manually. However, if ambient sensor is absent, then you can try reducing the screen brightness to half of max capacity.
  • Use power saver mode to save the battery. In most smartphones, there is a power-saver mode that automatically gets activated when the battery level drops to a particular level (20%, for instance). You can also manually turn on this mode in situations where you want to conserve the battery. Here’s you can activate it:
    • Android: Settings > Battery > Power mode.
    • iOS: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.
  • Uninstall power hungry apps. Some phone applications demand more resources and stay active for longer than other applications. You can remove these applications if they aren’t needed and improve battery life. Follow these steps to find all the installed apps sorted by their battery usage:
    • Android: Settings > Battery > Battery usage
    • iOS: Settings > Battery (scroll down on the screen to find the list)
  • Turn off 5G if possible. Doing this will also optimize battery.

4. Customize Home Screen

If you have never looked into the various home screen customization options in your phone, then you don’t know what you are missing out. You can completely change the way you use your phone by changing the layout of your home screen alone.

You can improve your phone use experience by listing your favorite and most-used apps on the home screen and removing the lesser-used apps. You can also check the widget options available to use and set some useful widgets on the home screen to enjoy easy access to your favorite tools and apps.

5. Backup Your Data

We talked about smartphone insurance earlier which is a service that can reimburse you for your loss. What no service can ever reimburse you for is data loss. If your phone is stolen or damaged in a way that data on your phone is permanently corrupted, then you can’t go back and fix things. You can, however, avoid this terrible situation by backing up data to cloud storage.

Both Android and iOS offer support for automated backups:

  • Android: Google One > Storage > Backup > View
  • iOS: Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup

By enabling automatic backup settings, you can use your smartphone with a sense of relief that no matter what happens, you have a copy of your important data stored in a secure place. It’s a great way to safeguard your private photos, documents, contacts, and other files.

There are many ways to make the most of your phone if you’re a power user. We have listed tips and tricks that are most useful. Do apply them and see the difference for yourself!

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