Audio Technica S220BT review: cheap headphones with giant battery life

Audio Technica S220BT: one minute review

The Audio Technica S220BT wireless headphones have a ludicrously long battery life. Sure, they’re not quite at the endurance level of wireless keyboards and mice, but with 60 hours of audio on offer, they’re sure to at least reduce the probability of that sinking feeling when you grab your headphones on the way out the door only to discover they’ve run out of juice. Plus, the rapid charge option means that if you’ve got 10 minutes of access to a USB port before your train or plane, you’ll be able to get three and a half hours of listening time.

But the biggest question for our Audio Technica S220BT review is whether they’re headphones you actually want audio from? The answer is a resoundingly balanced yes. As you would expect from Audio Technica, the soundscape here is excellent for the price, with a surprising depth, even with obvious bass limitations compared to more audiophile offerings. Even without noise cancelling, commuters should be happy with their favorite tracks on the way to work and the S220BT make for perfect audiobook and podcast partners without worrying about throwing a pair of expensive cans into your bag. At the cheaper end of the best on-ear headphones, they’re hard to beat.