BBC Radio Adapting Splinter Cell Into an Audio Show

Splinter Cell is being adapted into a radio show by the BBC, but it doesn’t look as though Michael Ironside will be reprising his iconic role.

BBC Radio 4, which airs current affairs programs as well as covering topics related to film, TV, and music, is adapting Splinter Cell into an audio show, which will be airing soon. There have been numerous video games adapted for TV or the big screen, many of which did not to go down too well, but it’s rare that a popular gaming series gets adapted for radio. This also comes at a time when the antics of Sam Fisher are on a lot of people’s lips.

Ubisoft announced an official Splinter Cell remake not long ago, which will join the ranks of current and upcoming remakes that have been releasing regularly these last few years. Nevertheless, many will be excited to see the return of this beloved stealth franchise. One thing that will be on many minds is whether Michael Ironside will be returning to play the deep-voiced, sardonic protagonist Sam Fisher. At the time of writing, it’s uncertain, and it looks as though the legendary actor won’t be reprising his role for the radio show.


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BBC Radio 4 is creating an eight-part audio series of Splinter Cell, which will be releasing sometime in December. Called Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall, the program will star Andonis Anthony as the iconic Fisher. Anthony has done voice work for Assassin’s Creed Origins and has starred in a few episodes of the hit UK soap opera Coronation Street. They’ve also done some radio work for The Archersanother popular BBC Radio 4 show that’s been airing for more than 70 years. firewall will tell the story of a new generation of operatives being recruited for the National Security Agency’s covert action division.

Image showing Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell in front of some text advertising the upcoming BBC Radio 4 adaptation.

On top of the adaptation and upcoming remake, Splinter Cell celebrated its 20th anniversary recently, with the first entry launching November 17, 2002. Since that maiden release, the franchise made a name for itself in the stealth genre, being compared to other successful series like Metal Gear Solid and Hitman. While later installments didn’t live up to the standard of the classic games, the fact that Splinter Cell is coming back in a number of ways will be exciting for many.

It’s unfortunate that Ironside isn’t voicing Sam Fisher in the radio show, and it’s unknown whether he will return for the remake, but now seems like a good time to be a Splinter Cell fan. It’s regarded as one of the best stealth action series in all of gaming and a lot of people had hoped that 2013’s blacklist wouldn’t be the last they’d see of the Fourth Echelon spy.

AND Splinter Cell remake is currently in development.

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Source: BBC