Beamcaster™ laser-based wireless technology delivers a high-speed, highly secure data communication link

Beamcaster™ technology, ( launches the latest generation of innovative Point to Point™ wireless optical networking technology, delivering 1 – 10 Gbps, bi-directional communications using Class 1 FDA approved lasers, safe for indoor use.

Beamcaster Point to Point™ v1. delivers a high-speed, invisible laser communication link, providing organizations or consumers with a dedicated and highly-secure connection across a distance of up to 40 meters and beyond when more than 2 devices are connected together. Point to Point™ is an ideal networking solution for challenging or hazardous environments or RF sensitive locations.

The latest Beamcaster technology was showcased with critical acclaim and over-whelming interest, in early February at Next Generation Optical Networking Africa, the continent’s premier optical networking event.

The versatile and easy to install hardware solves problems in challenging networking environments across multiple industry sectors from office environments to indoor open spaces such as warehouses, hangars, historic buildings and exhibition halls. In addition, the technology is creating interest within military and security services, healthcare, robotics, transportation and casinos. There is also interest from consumers looking for a high-speed data communication link at home.

Paul N Berry, CEO, RiT Wireless, commented “The addition of the Point to Point product line to the Beamcaster technology brand complements our existing Point to Multipoint solution and extends the range of networking problems we can address. Light based communications (often referred to as LiFi) offers a potential step change in speed and connectivity for the IoT space. However, LiFi products based on LED technology are at least 3 years away from commercialization. Beamcaster products sit within this sphere and are commercially available today.”

Beamcaster Point to Point v1. technology consists of 2 small hand-sized devices that are paired and independently connected with an RJ45 or SFP connection. The line of sight laser can also be re-directed at different angles or around corners using mirrors and includes security protocols that identify if the beam is broken or interfered with in anyway. Beamcaster Point to Point™ is currently available for evaluation. Program details can be found on

About Beamcaster:
Beamcaster™ Technology is a brand of RiT Wireless, which has a pedigree of producing highly innovative laser-based indoor networking solutions including Point to Multipoint™, which provides office environments with a high-speed, highly-secure network which can complement, enhance or extend and existing network environment or offer a stand-alone alternative.