Cerebras Reveals Andromeda, a 13.5 Million Core AI Supercomputer

Cerebras, the company that builds the world’s largest chip, the Wafer Scale Engine 2 (WSE-2), unveiled its Andromeda supercomputer today. Andromeda combines 16 of the wafer-sized WSE-2 chips into one cluster with 13.5 million AI-optimized cores that the company says delivers up to 1 Exaflop of AI computing horsepower, or 120 Petaflops of 16-bit half-precision.

The chips are housed in sixteen CS-2 systems. Each chip delivers up to 12.1 TB/s of internal bandwidth (96.8 Terabits) to the AI ​​cores, but the data is fed to the CS-2 processors via 100 GbE networking spread across 124 server nodes in 16 racks. In total, those servers are powered by 284 third-gen EPYC Milan processors wielding 64 cores apiece, totaling 18,176 cores.