“Congratulations Kings” trends on Twitter as BTS fans congratulate them for winning Best K-pop Artist at the 2022 AMAs

On November 20, BTS were revealed to be the first winners of the newly-introduced Best K-pop Artist award at the 2022 AMAs (American Music Awards), and fans have taken to social media to congratulate them on this achievement.

The other artists nominated in this category were their HYBE labelmates SEVENTEEN and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and popular girl groups BLACKPINK and TWICE.

This was the first time in five years that BTS did not attend the American Music Awards. However, ARMYs took it upon themselves to celebrate on their behalf and started trending “Congratulations Kings” on Twitter to lavish praise on the members.

BTS fans take to social media to celebrate the group’s double win at the 2022 AMAs

The boy group won two awards at the 2022 AMAs. Besides the Best K-pop Artist award in the inaugural edition of this category, BTS also won the award for Favorite Pop Duo or Group. This makes them the first in AMA history to win the award four consecutive times.

They were nominated alongside their My Universe collaborators Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Måneskin, and One Republic.

Prior to this year, the previous record for most Favorite Pop Duo or Group wins was held by Aerosmith, The Black Eyed Peas, Hall & Oates, and One Direction, all of whom won this award three times.

Now, the Butter singers have beaten their contemporaries by claiming this American award four times in a row.

ARMYs took to social media to celebrate their double wins at the 2022 AMAs, with fans reminiscing how far the talented idols have come. From unknown rookies in 2013 to global superstars in 2022, they have achieved enormous success within a decade.

Meanwhile, many fans are reminding others to vote for the group at the MAMA awards as there are only three days left before voting lines end.

The American Music Awards is one of Korea’s top three music awards alongside the Billboard Music Awards and the Grammy Awards. It is also the largest fan-voted music award show in America.

BTS first appeared at the American Music Awards in 2017, where they not only attended the award ceremony but also debuted their title track DNA from the album Love Yourself: Her.

In the following year, they won the Best Social Artist award. Since then, they have made regular appearances on the award show.

2022 is the first time in five years when the group missed the awards. However, the members tuned in to watch Jungkook’s debut solo performance at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Jungkook is the first K-pop soloist, and the first solo act overall, in 24 years after Ricky Martin’s The Cup Of Life in 1998.

He performed the song Dreamers alongside Qatari singer and record producer Fahad Al Kubaisi. The members tuned into the performances from their homes and enthusiastically cheered for their golden maknae as he made history.

An update on BTS’ recent activities

Bangtan members are on a break from group activities as BIGHIT MUSIC announced last month that the members will be enlisting in the military, starting with the oldest member, Jin.

Following this, the idol released his debut solo album, The Astronaut, in collaboration with Coldplay. Meanwhile, RM announced that his solo album, Indigo, will be released on December 2.

J-hope will be performing his solo stage at the 2022 MAMA Awards, and V recently returned from Paris, where he went for some undisclosed work.

According to HYBE CEO Park Ji-won’s statement, SUGA, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will be releasing their solo albums next year.

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