Crypto-aware parents and college graduates want their children to learn about crypto in schools

Crypto-aware parents and college graduates want their children to learn about crypto in schools survey shows that American parents and college graduates involved in crypto are willing to spend money on their child’s crypto education

By Shashank Bhardwaj

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A new survey shows that over two-thirds of crypto-aware parents and college graduates surveyed in the United States stand with the idea that crypto should be taught in schools to enable children to “learn about the future of our economy”.

The online Education Platform,, revealed their insights through a report, which showed that 64 percent of the parents and 67 percent of the college graduates believed that digital currencies should be part of the mandatory curriculum. They were, however, divided on the topics of blockchain, metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with only 40 percent of the responders saying that these should be taught in school.

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The survey, which included 884 American parents and 210 American college graduates, had a screening process to ensure that only the people who had sufficient knowledge about the crypto sphere were allowed to partake in the survey. Earlier reports suggest that approximately 88 percent of Americans have heard about crypto and 16 percent of them have traded crypto at some point.
Moreover, the survey showed that parents and college graduates with an interest in crypto are likely to contribute money towards a crypto education, with three-quarters of crypto-investing parents contributing around $766 and over three-quarters of college students with crypto in their portfolio spending $1,086 on crypto education.
The survey also discussed why parents and college graduates think a crypto education is important, with both groups agreeing that learning about “the future of our economy” was most important, followed by as a means to “diversify investments, to create opportunities and develop an investing mind.”

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With the awareness around crypto growing, the University of Connecticut and the Arizona State University became some of the first US universities to launch introductory courses on blockchain tech and crypto applications. Harvard Univer and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are also not far behind, unveiling new courses that promote a crypto aware population.

CEO of TZ APAC, Colin Miles, commented, “Overall, this trend will become a mainstay because a large number of exciting new jobs will come from the Web3 environment. It is, therefore, incumbent on educational institutions to help gear their student cohorts up for this important shift.” He seems to believe that secondary and tertiary schools should introduce crypto into the classes in three to five years.
People working in crypto are not the only ones supportive of increased access to crypto knowledge through school, with New York City mayor, Eric Adams, also supporting the cause and saying, “We must open our schools to teach [blockchain] technology, to teach this new way of thinking.”
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