Crypto Conquerors Launches the First NFT Strategy Game in the Metaverse

Ever wanted to rule an empire, build on it and make money while doing it? Now is the time to claim your spot by minting one of the countries on the world map or trading on the secondary market. Once the map is full, you’ll be able to bolster your position on the leaderboard by trading land on the map, building out your cities military and avatars. Soon you’ll also be able to parcel your land for other users to buy.

There has already been immense growth in digital real estate over the last year. A single plot in Decentraland recently sold for $2,000,000. The smallest slivers of land available in Sandbox started at $12,000. Entrepreneurs like Andrew Kiguel of understand that there is not an infinite amount of prime space available in the Metaverse. Demand is skyrocketing for concepts like Crypto Conquerors which have the ability to turn a savvy collector into a multi-millionaire if they manage to strategically build out and monetize their parcels.

The game takes place in a Scifi Dystopia where Earth has been destroyed by climate change and alien species have visited, unintentionally making things even worse. Similar to the well-known strategy, board game Risk, Crypto Conquerors is based on a Global Map of the world. Like other play-to-earn games, each piece of land is an individual NFT that can be purchased and then built upon with future releases. Unlike other 1:1 scale earth-based projects like Earth 2 and Upland, Crypto Conquerors has a strong focus on story, collectibility and aesthetics. Each NFT is carefully crafted by a professional designer/artist using a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) AI. Owners of specific avatars and countries will even be able to unlock unique bios, storylines and bonuses. Once established there will also be opportunities to acquire assets by not just buying them but by playing for them. This way anyone has a chance to grow regardless of their current real-world wealth.

There are only so many countries on Earth, due to the very limited space, Crypto Conquerors is expected to see huge growth over the next 12 months. As a result, early players will have greater stakes and capabilities in the future.

Imagine a world where conquerors in the game can set governance and strategy for their land while subplot owners can focus on developing the land. The leader of a handful of European countries can enable another player to build hotels and virtual cafes in Paris and a casino at Monte Carlo. The owner of Brazil can build out their own private beach club in Rio De Janeiro. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities to build alliances and rebuild Earth.

The idea of ​​Crypto Conquerors was initially hatched over 10 years ago by entrepreneurs Marc Levinson and Richart Ruddie. Given new developments in Crypto and excitement around Metaverse, now was the right time to build the game and launch. They’ve previously worked together on several tech projects in Silicon Valley. They’re very passionate about emerging markets. Most notably, they founded the 3-D printing startup Protos Eyewear. Now the co-founders are focused on building a product and community that will greatly reward their players with art, experiences and earning opportunities. The very limited run of countries are currently minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and are listed on Opensea. The map and leaderboard are available at More assets will be available in the coming months and the game will soon be available on iOS and Android as well.

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Crypto Conquerors: It’s time to take over the world!