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drones for Ukraine, Vector, Quantum SystemsGerman Manufacturer Quantum-Systems Will Supply Long Endurance Vector drones for Ukraine

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

German drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems has accepted a commission from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the distribution of the company’s Vector reconnaissance drones.

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A portion of the order has already been delivered, with the drones currently seeing active deployment. The remainder of the order is currently in the preparation and processing stage, with delivery planned to take place following the training of Ukrainian forces and drone pilots.

Both parties will consult to clarify the specifics of modalities and logistics of the planned delivery. The necessary training for the operation of the Vector reconnaissance drone typically requires no longer than four days. For the sake of security, no further information regarding the quantity or timing of the arriving drones can be disclosed until after the delivery has occurred.

“It is important to me to be able to supply the Ukrainian army with a system that supports in the defense of their country. Due to the state of emergency on site and thanks to the support of the German Ministry of Defense, we were able to serve and realize the order from Ukraine very quickly. This applies not only to the financing, but also to the coordination of the training services and the export license,” said Quantum-Systems CEO and Co-Founder Florian Seibel, who was deployed for 16 years with the German Armed Forces as a helicopter pilot . “The solidarity with Ukraine and the defense of our common democratic values ​​has led to a much faster procedure than would normally be the case.”

The Vector drone fulfills the Ukrainian Army’s necessary standards for aerial reconnaissance. The long-range reconnaissance drone produces minimal noise emission during flight and provides high-resolution aerial video images through an encrypted data link, granting reliable situational awareness. The model also boasts state-of-the-art digital connectivity, enabling real time communication with other systems and providing increased combat performance for the entire network.

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