ENDORFY Presents the New Regnum 400 Air and Regnum 400 ARGB Cases

ENDORFY, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, power supplies, PC cases and lifestyle products, announces two brand-new Regnum 400 PC Cases which focus on high airflow and clean appearance. The Regnum 400 Air aims for ultimate cooling and comes with four pre-installed Stratus 120 PWM case fans, while the Regnum 400 ARGB is using four ARGB-enabled Stratus 120 PWM fans. With the new series users can build systems that not only look cool but are well equipped with cool latest hardware. Up to 8 fans can be installed in the Regnum 400 Air and Regnum 400 ARGB to further maximize the cooling capacity. Thanks to the big tempered-glass side-panel, users get a great view on the components and the ARGB backlit core of the system in case of the Regnum 400 ARGB version.

With the new Regnum 400 series, users won’t have to worry about system overheating. Four pre-installed Stratus 120 PWM fans form the basis for solid cooling. Three of the fans are located in the front and the fourth in the back of the chassis. This allows for an inaudible steady flow or performance driven airflow when needed. These quiet heroes run on robust fluid dynamic bearings and can be controlled through a PWM signal from 1,400 down to 200 RPM. The Regnum 400 series was designed with superb airflow in mind. In order to achieve this, ENDORFY utilizes a huge mesh-front panel and a magnetic mesh dust filter in the top. Additional fans can be installed to further boost the airflow, making the Regnum 400 Air and Regnum 400 ARGB even more versatile.

Fits like a glove

Regnum 400 Air and Regnum 400 ARGB are the perfect base for every modern system. It is built to satisfy users’ demands by offering great compatibility and plenty of space for high-end components. It fits liquid cooling systems with a diameter of 360 mm on the front of the case and up to 280 mm on the top. Users with air coolers can utilize models with a height of up to 162 mm. Graphic card compatibility is covered as well: Regnum 400 series supports models with up to 370 mm length. Furthermore, up to four 2.5″ or two 2.5″ and two 3.5″ drives can be mounted easily inside the case.

Light it up with ARGB
The ARGB-enabled Regnum 400 ARGB offers a fabulous look right out of the box. With its customizable backlighting, it can easily become the centerpiece of every ARGB-focused setup. Thanks to the four pre-installed Stratus 120 PWM ARGB fans in combination with the built-in controller, all fans can be integrated with the ARGB signal distributor. The set is compatible with all “ARGB” ENDORFY products and with some products from other manufacturers, allowing for easy backlight synchronization of the entire setup.

The new Regnum 400 Series is available starting today. Endorfy Regnum 400 ARGB is priced at 96€, and Endorfy Regnum 400 Air at 85€, including taxes.