Here’s How the Metaverse Can Benefit the Fashion Industry

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Every creator has a style and a voice, often limited by the reality in which we exist. However, the Internet first gave birth to an alternate medium where people can express their creativity and connect with like-minded individuals without restrictions or inhibitions. Over the years, this has positively impacted the new generation of creators as they get to deviate from the norm and voice their individuality.


Currently, the technical advancements built on blockchain technology, Web 3.0, and wearable technology have and are redefining the norm around creative expression through fashion. This has been greatly influenced by augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and the metaverse, with platforms like OVER leading the movement.

And now, there’s more.

In recent news, OVER announced its stylist program for fashion NFT artists and creators, aiming to give visibility to their creativity without imposing a dress code, colour, or material restrictions. In addition, the unique metaverse will be launching a TINUS affiliate program to connect 3D artists and fashion brands.

What is OVER Stylist Program, and how can creators be a part of it?

The OVER, a top Ethereum-based Augmented Reality metaverse platform, has launched a stylist program that is the first of its kind in the metaverse. The program is dedicated to facilitating digital creativity and expression through fashion for the OVER community.

The goal is to create a defined space for 3D clothing creators and fashion houses to find expression while buyers can easily connect with the fashion they relate to. This way, creators can monetize their craft and find new audiences for their work.

Also, by launching the TINUS Affiliate Program, OVER is bringing 3D artists and fashion brands together. It also provides the opportunity for content creators to enter the Web 3.0 space through the creation of digital clothing and accessories which can be sold on platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain.

For all those interested in becoming a part of Web 3.0, the TINUS Affiliate Program is the perfect springboard. Its members help facilitate the definition of digital identity for the citizens of the OVER Metaverse.

At its core, OVER’s decentralized AR platform is built to allow 3D artists, fashion brands, and content creators to unleash their imagination while becoming a part of the Web 3.0 revolution. In addition, it helps these creators strengthen their Web3 brand presence, earn OVR tokens as well as receive valuable feedback from peers.

The OVER Stylist Program provides individuals with a passion for fashion and the Metaverse with an opportunity to not only earn but also gain exposure and customer feedback on their creations. Fashion has gone beyond wearing a piece of clothing to living it, and no platform presents an opportunity to live the experience like OVER.

For interested creators and fashion houses, OVER has dedicated a page to the program with a detailed explanation of the application process. Within the page, there is a form requiring personal data and some of the creator’s work. Also, it is highly recommended that you read the guidelines for developing your own clothing before submitting your request.

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