How to free up space on your Android Phone

If you need to free up some space and storage on your Android Phone or tablet, this guide will give you a range of handy tips to help you get some extra storage on space on your device.

There are a number of things that you can do to free up storage space on your Android device. This can come in handy if your device does not have a microSD card slot or you are already using the maximum capacity microSD card on your device.

Delete Apps you are not using

One of the easiest ways to free up space on your smartphone or tablet is to delete apps that you are not using on your device. All of us have some apps on our devices that we have downloaded but not used for some time.

Many of us, myself included have apps that we have downloaded and used maybe only once, deleting this can free up much-needed space on your device.

You can find out your least used applications from the Google Play Store app. Open the Play Store app on your device > select the personal icon on the top right corner and select Manage apps and device.

Now go to the manage tab and select Installed and then select least used from the menu and it will show you your least used applications. You can then decide which ones you hardly use or do not use at all and delete these. You will be surprised at how much storage space you can free up by deleting apps that you do not really use.

Free up space with the built-in Free up space tool

Another way to easily free up space on your Android phone or tablet is to use the built-in free-up space tool, this can be found in the settings menu on your device.

go to Settings and then select Storage, this will show you how much storage you are using and how much you have free. It will also show you what is using your storage, for example, Apps, Videos, Images, systems, and more.

Now click on the Free up space option and this will take you to the Files app you can then click clean to free up the suggested files and items that Android thinks you do not need. These are things like temporary files.

If you need to clear up some more storage space, then you can also use a tool in the Storage section which will allow you to delete everything being used by a specific app or feature.

You could pick something like Messages and then you can select Clear Cache, this will allow you to clear some storage space on your device. You can also choose to Clear Storage for that particular app or feature, if you use that option it will delete the data from the app.

Move your photos to online storage

Another great way to free up storage on your Android phone or tablet is to store your photos online. If you are like me and take a lot of photos, this is a great way to free up a decent amount of storage on your Android device.

To do this open the Photos app and check if you are backing up your photos to Google Photos if you are then you can delete the ones stored on your device. If not then enable this feature and then back up all of your photos to Google Photos, you can find out how to do this over at Google’s website.

Once your photos are backed up to Google Photosyou can now free up some space on your device by changing the photo settings.

open the photos app on your Android phone and then select Photo Settings and then Free up device storage, at the bottom of the screen it will show you how much space you can free up on your device. Now click the Free up button and you will get some extra storage on your device.

If you use all of the tips above it should help you to free up some space on your Android Phone or tablet. We hope that you find this guide helpful, if you have any questions or any tips or suggestions, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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