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HP Envy 13 x360: Two minute review

The HP Envy 13 x360 is a fairly standard 2-in-1 in most areas. It comes in black and silver, with no other variation to make the aesthetics stand out more. But if you need a thin and lightweight machine with a pretty good battery life to carry around for work or school, this is a solid choice of laptop. The 13-inch screen OLED is the perfect size for portability — and thanks to the thin bezels, you have some great screen real estate. Furthermore, the webcam manages to be 1080p, which is welcome news for those with never-ending conference calls.

Pricing is not too bad for the specs, with the most upgraded version costing you $1,200 (around £1,780 / AU$3,186) and the cheapest about $300 less before accounting for any deals. However, the availability outside the US is inconsistent to absent, which is unfortunately a common issue among these less well-known laptop models.