Internet in Stitches Over Calf Who Scares a Fainted Goat in the Music Video: “Too Cute”

A Highland Calf has gone viral after scaring a goat into ‘passing out’ in a video, garnering lots of laughs and appreciation from viewers.

The eight-second TikTok video, shared by user @sierraroberts20, featured a calf running across a field of grass towards a group of goats on the other side as MC Hammer’s hit song “U Can’t Touch This” plays in the background. It has been viewed 10.9 million times and liked 1.6 million times since it was posted on April 3.

According to the clip, the calf runs near the group of goats, heading the other way once it approaches the fence. However, the calf comes quite close to a goat and suddenly the camera pans to that same goat, who appears to faint from fear in all the commotion. The camera zooms in for a closer look before the video ends.

“Bottle calf thinks it’s a fun game to scare fainting goats,” the text overlay reads onscreen.

Passed out goats have taken the internet by storm for their fear reactions. According to National Geographic, these types of goats are called myotonic goats, but they have other names such as Tennessee fainting goats.

Goats have a genetic condition called myotonia congenita, which causes the animals’ muscles to stiffen for a short time after being frightened. Despite the “passing out” label, the goats do not pass out or lose consciousness during the episodes.

More than 7,300 comments came in during the viral moment, and many people find the situation humorous. “I don’t know why I like fainting goats,” one viewer admitted. “The funniest thing.”

The internet is angry at a calf scaring a fainting goat in a clip. Here, a fainted Tennessee goat in a field.

Some think there is a lot of drama going on. “All parties involved are very dramatic,” said one TikToker.

Other appreciation comments included things like “This is the video I didn’t know I needed” and “How can you not love animals?”

One commentator called the goat ‘dramatic’, adding that the calf ‘didn’t even touch it and is going to fall over like it’s been kicked’.

A spectator linked to the two animals. “I’m the veal on Friday night and the goat on Monday morning Lol,” they said.

Another called the goat a “spirit animal”, adding: “I need him in my life”.

However, not everyone was obsessed with the goat. “Aw, that’s awesome,” said one viewer. “I have never seen such a happy cow.”

Newsweek contacted TikToker @sierraroberts20 for comment.

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