Interracial Florida Couple Breaks Societal and Social Media Barriers with Innovative ‘ToStylMou’ App

Kevin and Ericka Augutis, Owners of ToStylMou

ToStylMou App Launches Beta Phase

ToStylMou App Launches Beta Phase

ToStylMou App

ToStylMou App

We connect the world and enable humans to build healthy communities, so they can receive feedback that empowers them to make the right decision for their person or brand.”

— Kevin and Ericka Augutis

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / — According to a Pew Research study, 6 in 10 Americans say social media negatively affects society, but one revolutionary new platform is changing that narrative. Meet Kevin and Ericka Augutis, founders of ToStylMou, which provides a safe, secure platform for social media users. The intelligent ecosystem is the perfect hub for creatives who are done with negativity, trolling, and toxic followers.

ToStylMou is a top-tier app with a goal of inclusivity, diversity, and safety for all its members. The brainchild of Kevin and Ericka, this stylish, highbrow app levels up the social media experience with exclusive content and graphics all wrapped in a secure platform. ToStylMou is not designed for the masses. Instead, it is intended for anyone tired of the status quo, who wants to embark on the new age of social media, where “kindness” is the key to building organic communities. As an interracial couple married for 20 years Kevin and Ericka can attest to the need for change and civility in today’s world.

Ericka Augutis, with a dozen years in product development and training, now brings her talents together with her better half to build this one-of-a-kind product. Through Kevin’s decades of business acumen and Ericka’s creativity, this dynamic duo is reclaiming cyberspace for a time such as this when people crave authenticity over mindless roboclicks. So instead of trailing the drones who tweet, pin, and follow every way the wind blows, ToStylMou offers a unique atmosphere that builds sustainable brands on a firm foundation of engagement.

With the latest news headlines strewn with collapsing social media giants, downsizing, and restructuring, users are now looking for a new type of social media platform where they can truly shine. ToStylMou, Greek for ‘To Style Me,’ is the safe haven creatives seek. This patent-pending platform merges lifestyle and business by allowing users to choose from categories like fashion, art, and gaming. The intuitive system helps users leap into the digital world while leaving behind trolls and inauthentic content. In addition, the secure platform allows users a choice between an “Earth Group” function for global access or an “Elite Group” for sharing just between loyal friends.

ToStylMou is the perfect pairing for chefs, artists, foodies, and fashionistas. The intuitive design allows users to collaborate and interact with their sphere of influence in real-time. Their exclusive timing feature will enable chefs to showcase their latest delectable while giving customers a chance to weigh in on this week’s menu. All with a simple tap and a click. Forward thinking business owners with their finger on the pulse of technology can connect to the Beta version at

At ToStylMou, “We connect the world and enable humans to build healthy communities, so they can receive feedback that empowers them to make the right decision for their person or brand” says owners Kevin and Ericka.

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