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I got up early to see the Blood Moon, the lunar eclipse of the Beaver full moon. It’s so fascinating to watch the celestial orbs moving through the night sky.

Deer season is well under way. Whether you are hunting or not, you may want to keep that hunter orange clothing handy through Nov. 26. Traffic generally flies along Village Road here in Jackson, but a funny thing happens during hunting season — we get truckloads of hunters slowing down to a crawl as they come through the village. Now, I appreciate the slowed-down traffic, I really do; however I can’t help but wonder what they’re slowing down for — maybe I need to post my sheep pastures next to the house….

Thanks to FC Work & Sons for the slick new bridge on Route 7. It was nice to see it completed in the time promised and it really is a relief to drive along Route 7 without cringing every time I pass a truck on the bridge.

Jackson voted!

That was a vibrant election cycle! Jackson has 392 registered voters, 11 of those were newly registered as of this election. We had 270 people turn out to vote here, a 69% participation rate. Pretty good for a small town. We seem to be split pretty evenly, like much of the country, between Democrats and Republicans. Here’s some of Jackson’s voting numbers: LePage 144/Mills 121; Curry 126/Kinney 142; Garrold 35/Hymes 140/Stanicki 88; Boisvert 140/Trundy 125; Bond 18/Golden 119/Poliquin 129.

A big thank-you to all the ballot clerks who worked during the day, and the counters who worked through the evening — and to those who did both shifts! In no particular order: Marlene Thompson, Al Meister, Dorothy Johnson, Susan Crane, Merlin Littlefield, Helen Sahadi, Renee Fox, Devon McCormack, Jennifer Totten and yours truly.

Town Office

Reminder: Dec. 1 is the last day to submit an application for the state of Maine Property Tax Stabilization Program — for those 65 and older, this program will lock in your tax rate for the duration of your home ownership as long as you submit the application for renewal each year.

A photographic record

One more thought in the aftermath of the house fire in Jackson a few weeks ago — take a photo inventory of your entire house. This way, with those photos uploaded to the “cloud,” should the unthinkable happen, you will have a complete record of your possessions for your insurance to calculate adequate reimbursement. This is also a good thing to have when working on your Last Will & Testament. It can be advisable to create a list of who gets what in your personal possessions, free up your relatives from having to figure out all that out in your absence.

Jobs at RSU 3

Regional School Unit 3 has a part-time opening for volunteer and internship coordinator. For more information, please go to the rsu3.org website and see employment opportunities for district-wide staff.

Community Ed instructors wanted

RSU 3 is also looking for folks who might want to share a passion or something fun or useful with our community this spring. We are particularly looking for a yoga instructor and a painting class teacher like the parties they have in homes and create a painting in a night.

The pay is $20/hr. and the hours and number of classes is totally up to the instructor. Deadline for submission is Nov. 30. Go to rsu3.maineadulted.org to fill out a course request form.

Guess those warm sunny days were too good to last!

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