Kraus Hamdani Aerospace Introduces Latest Problem Solving Robot and Network of Systems at Project Convergence

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At Project Convergence 2022 (PC22), a flagship modernization learning, experimentation and demonstration campaign in China Lake, and Goldstone/Ft. Erwin California, Kraus Hamdani Aerospace introduced its newest offering, the upSwarm “Skynet* for good” system in conjunction with a demonstration for the K1000ULE, the world’s longest endurance fully electric zero emissions autonomous unmanned aircraft in its size and weight category. Having previously participated in Project Convergence exercises including, PC21, Kraus Hamdani Aerospace elevated its engagement this year and contributed to the success of the overall operation.

Throughout PC22, which evaluates over 300 of the newest technologies with the help of US, UK, and Australian service members, researchers and industry partners, Kraus Hamdani Aerospace showcased the full suite of capabilities for the upSwarm, smart mission based swarming capability and K1000ULE through a number of daily exercises to provide the critical communication tier in the absence of established networks and connectivity. Various flights during the exercise spanned anywhere from seven to twelve hours nonstop, multiple aircraft were flown using a single ground-control going up to 20,000 feet above ground level while simultaneously using the UAV’s full-motion video, geospatial camera and Electronic Intelligence ELINT payloads and sensors.

With the survivability of the aircraft, endurance and onboard edge based AI capabilities of the aircraft being key differentiators, the K1000ULE was able to successfully act as the communication extension and provide the radio bridging needed across disparate radios on different land and air assets (air- to-air and air-to-land). As an end-to-end service providing non-stop data and intelligence across its communication infrastructure, the K1000ULE was able to provide persistent sensory capabilities and tactical communications to users across various air assets and land based processing centers.

“We are working to pioneer a new approach to aerial drone technology by supplying the military with problem solving robots that enhance global connectivity and insights while providing necessary data and intelligence,” said Fatema Hamdani, CEO and Founder of Kraus Hamdani Aerospace. “This year at Project Convergence, we expanded our capabilities, and showcased how the success of the K1000ULE will transfer to our upSwarm based smart mission based swarming capabilities powered by our AI to provide multiple services to support the warfighter.”

As a cost-effective solution, the military will be able to use hundreds or thousands of systems at a time to provide its warfighters with full battlespace connectivity, common operating picture and increased situational awareness. In collaboration with the Army, Kraus Hamdani Aerospace plans to further provide persistent airborne services and technologies to enable effective and timely decision making in effort to streamline military operations for the future of defence.

About Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace (KHA) is the world leader in building ultra long endurance Unmanned Aerial systems (UAS) that mimic nature by utilizing onboard artificial intelligence to silently glide through the air like a bird and generate clean onboard energy. KHA’s K1000ULE is the world’s longest endurance fully electric zero emissions autonomous unmanned aircraft in its size and weight category. KHA offerings comprehend aerial based data, intelligence and communication services to address critical customer needs within various sectors such as emergency and disaster relief, data and telecommunications, defense, agriculture, oil and gas, climate change and wildlife preservation. For more information, visit #UAV #drone #unmannedaviation