New Electrogenic kit turns Jaguar E-Type and other classics electric

Classic car conversion specialist Electrogenic has expanded its range of ‘drop-in’ electric vehicle conversion kits to cover the Land Rover Defender, Jaguar E-Type and Porsche 911.

The Oxfordshire firm says that the new kits, which switch the classic machines to electric power in a way intended to maintain the existing structure and architecture of the car, are designed to ‘future-proof’ some of the ‘world’s most-loved automotive icons ‘. The kits are also fully reversible.

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The new drop-in EV kits will be offered through the Powered by Electrogenic operation. They have been developed in the UK, and use the firm’s in-house software, circuit boards, digital dashboards, battery management systems and charging technology.

The EV powertrain of the converted vehicles will offer three driving modes (sport, eco and traffic), and the Defender version will also gain a brake regex-based hill descent control function.

Electrogenic says that the drop-in kits are installed in a way that preserves the existing structure and architecture of the vehicle, ensuring they are fully reversible.

All the kits can be charged at speeds of up to 6.6kW on an AC charger, or via a rapid CCS connection. While Electrogenic hasn’t given an exact fast-charge speed, it says the 62kWh battery can be charged from empty to full in around 50 minutes.

Electrogenic says the kits will be available globally through a partnership network that it will confirm soon. Prices have not been given, but the firm says it is taking expressions of interest.

Here’s the low-down on the kit options for each vehicle.

land rover defender

The Defender kit will be offered for all pre-2016 90, 110 and 127 models, and builds on an Agriculture Defender conversion Electrogenic launched earlier this year.

Three different variants will be offered. The E62 version uses a 62kWh battery and a 120kW water-cooled motor, offering a claimed real-world range of 120 miles. The E70 and E93 versions use a 70kWh and 93kWh battery giving 130 and 150 miles of range respectively, with both featuring a 150kW motor.

All three kits feature a fixed-ration transmission to offer permanent all-wheel-drive, with high and low range gear options to boost off-road ability. The batteries are placed under the bonnet and boot floor so interior space is maintained.

Jaguar E-Type

The entry-level model in the E-Type range is the E43, mating a 43kWh battery and 120kW motor to give 150 miles of claimed real-world range. An E62r version maintained the same motor but switches to a 62kWh battery to expand the range to “200-plus” miles.

There is also a ‘high-performance’ E48s variant, which mates a 48kWh battery with a 150kW motor. Electrogenic claims it offers “modern sports car performance”, with a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds and a real-world range of more than 160 miles.

Porsche 911

Electrogenic will offer two versions of the 911 drop-in kit, for G-body and 964 variant models respectively.

The 911 kits will use a 62kWh battery placed where the fuel tank in the 911 sits, which Electrogenic claims improves the weight distribution. The entry-level E62 version features a 160kW motor giving a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds.

A range-topping E62s kit uses a 240kW powertrain, which reduces the 0-6mph sprint to 3.8 seconds. Electrogenic claims that “the rampant, relentless acceleration” of that model “is sustained deep into triple digit speeds”.


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