November New Moon Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope

After a full blood moon lunar eclipse earlier this month, November is delivering a fresh start as this Wednesday brings a new moon in Sagittarius.

The ninth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of possibility, which symbolizes abundance, prosperity and expansion. The fifth planet from the sun gains knowledge by reaching outside of its comfort zone as its hopeful and optimistic nature gives confidence to take that leap into the unknown.

Taking place on November 23, 6 pm EST, a new moon represents a fresh start. With the new moon occurring in a sign governed by the inspiring planet, the start will give you the courage to make the changes you’ve been afraid of. Now that we’re in Sagittarius season, it’s a good idea to imitate the fiery sign’s adventurous spirit and boldly embrace your future as it comes. Depicted as a half-human, half-horse, the charismatic sign is known for its fearlessness, so get comfortable taking risks over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget — Mercury and Venus are cohabitating in Sagittarius as well, making this the perfect time to have deep and meaningful conversations with those in your inner circle. The planet of communication and the planet of romance joining up in straightforward Sagittarius will give you the push to say exactly what’s on your mind.

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The Sagittarius new moon falls in your ninth house of adventure and travel, urging you to expand to less traveled lands, both externally and internally. While it’s great to shift your perspective by packing up and getting away, the Ten of Cups tarot card reminds you that “wherever you go, there you are,” meaning that if you don’t do the inner work to move beyond your self- limiting beliefs, it won’t matter how many spur of the moment trips you take. Use the night of the new moon to think about how you can harness its power to expand beyond your immediate surroundings or way of thinking.

La luna lights up your eighth house of intimacy, death and legacy, offering a window to take stock of your personal relationships and how you’ve been showing up in those interpersonal interactions. The Three of Swords card symbolizes rejection, betrayal and hurt, so reflect on any emotions you’ve been repressing to keep the peace. Your feelings are valid, even if they’re negative and sharing issues you may be having is the first step to resolving them.

The moon sits in your seventh house of partnership, turning attention to your closest bonds, whether they be your girl gang, your significant other or co-workers. The Two of Pentacles card encourages you to stay balanced and keep your priorities in mind. If you find yourself glossing over your partner’s shortcomings because of his cuffing season, it’s okay to take a step back and focus on you. While the winter may have you wanting to Netflix and chill, it’s also a good time to hunker down and work on yourself if your relationships aren’t uplifting.

Your daily wellness routine comes into full view as the moon shines a light in your sixth house. Wednesday night is the perfect time for some self-care, but also make sure to sit down and examine how you’ve been taking care of yourself on a day-to-day basis. This time of year is incredibly busy and while it’s easy to neglect the basics, the Ace of Swords tarot card inspires mental clarity, so plan to carve out a moment to journal out your thoughts.

The Sagittarius new moon is in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure and considering the planet is ruled by dreamy Jupiter, the cosmos is giving you full license to go wild and dive into your passion projects without hesitation or worry. The Three of Wands indicates there is some type of restriction or lack of progress in an area of ​​your life, so if you’ve been experiencing imposter syndrome or an artistic rut, use the new moon to unleash any anxiety you have around your performance and just find what feels good.

Resting in your fourth house of domesticity, November’s new moon delivers the perfect opportunity to hunker down and tend to your space. While new moon rituals are almost incomplete without a good declutter, they also offer a window to take care of your inner world as well. The Seven of Pentacles tarot card points to your goals, ambitions and long-term rewards, so make a list of the things you’re hoping to manifest in this new season and wish to bring into your home.

The new moon takes up space in your third house of communication, tapping you on the shoulder to use your voice over any tense conversations that may inevitably occur over the Thanksgiving holiday. Fittingly, the Five of Swords tarot card depicts past resentments. Coupled with the Sagittarius new moon’s penchant for speaking plainly, you may feel especially compelled to speak your truth. Just be sure to do so with kindness, both towards yourself and the other party.

Money can be stressful, but the new moon gives you the courage to look at your finances as it lies in your second house of wealth and material possessions. With a Nine of Swords tarot card bringing up anxiety and negative thoughts, it might be a good idea to have an honest conversation with yourself about wealth on November 23. Times are hard right now, but you can set yourself up for success by becoming financially literate and taking control of your income.

With the new moon in your sign, make yourself the priority, carving out time to jot down your innermost needs and desires, creating a plan to bring your dreams to fruition. The Four of Cups tarot card represents missed opportunities and regrets, so think about all the amazing moments you may have missed out on because you were too scared to take a chance on yourself.

The Sagittarius new moon is in your twelfth house of spirituality. While you’re known for being practical and a realist, channel the celestial energy this coming Wednesday to tap into your woo-woo side. Being the goal-driven sign that you are, making a mood board to envision your ambitions is a great way to identify what your soul truly wants for you this season. The King of Swords tarot card prompts you to keep your big ideas in mind, leave fear behind and take some calculated risks.

As the sign’s progressive idealist, the new moon places itself in your eleventh house of networking, pushing you to connect with other like-minded folks to achieve your lofty goals. The Three of Cups card celebrates friendships and creative collaborations so go through your Rolodex and hit up that creative whose Instagram posts you’ve been saving for a coffee and quick chat.


Your tenth house of career and reputation is your focus on the night of the new moon. Combined with the action-oriented Knight of Wands tarot card, November 23 marks a shift in your perspective on your professional life. Rather than waiting for a raise or delaying that lateral move you’ve been wanting to make, put pen to paper and craft a plan to help you achieve your aspirations as you are more than deserving of big things.