Pepe Soho’s Powerful NFTs Bring Stunning Photos To Life In The Metaverse

World Cup Photo Award winner Pepe Soho unveils his Coming Home NFT collection

“Coming Home is a testament to the healing magic of nature. It represents the meditative journey back to oneself.”

Pepe Soho, the renowned photo artist from Mexico, recently unveiled his “Coming Home” NFT art collection. Soho is the only award-winning photographer to develop virtual NFT assets that immerse the user in a metaverse experience. The first release includes ten tokens from the Coming Home nature series, with future releases to follow, and is available for purchase at Open Sea and Nifty Gateway.

“Coming Home is a testament to the healing magic of nature,” said Soho. “It represents the meditative journey back to oneself.”

Soho’s exquisite and rare imagery has captivated international audiences for over a decade. Now a metaverse pioneer, Soho and the developers at Uno Meta have created NFT masterpieces that come to life in the Metaverse. Each NFT comes with an owner key that allows exclusive access to a private Metaverse Gallery in Landian. When the NFT is activated, it provides a fully immersive, audible, and interactive experience.

The Coming Home project is a historic collaboration and the first to represent the Metaverse, a real-world museum, galleries, and Earth’s inhabitants on the moon. A cross-cultural artistic achievement, it promotes the human bond with Earth, individual wellness, and spiritual awareness.

“For me,” said Soho, “the Coming Home collection represents the meditative journey back to oneself.”

For more information about the Coming Home NFT collection, visit, and follow Pepe Soho on Twitter and Facebook.

About Pepe Soho

World Photographic Cup winner Pepe Soho is a nature and landscape photographer from México. Before completing his studies at New York’s International Center of Photography (ICP) and honey his craft over scores of photo expeditions across more than 50 countries, he was an accomplished fashion designer, musician, and entertainment operator. The Pepe Soho Mystika Immersive Museum is a 14,000-square-foot spiritual experience located in the heart of Tulum, México’s cultural center for Mayan heritage. Soho also has galleries in the Polanco district of México City and Playa del Carmen. In addition, the Coming Home NFT fully immersive virtual gallery is located in the Landian metaverse. Visit to learn more about the artist.

About UnoMeta

The Uno Meta Team has been in the blockchain space since 2012. Constantly evolving, it fosters lifelong relationships with clients and artists. In partnership with the Landian Foundation, Uno Meta, LLC showcases collections like Pepe Soho’s “Coming Home” nature series in the Metaverse. In addition, the website,, is a one-stop shop for artists worldwide, assisting with development, design, immersive experiences, and more.

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