Police looking for 3 men who fatally shot Filipino photographer during Washington home invasion

A Filipino photographer was fatally shot during a home invasion in South Everett, Washington.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office are searching for three armed men who invaded a family’s home in South Everett and fatally shot Irah Sok, a mother and wife who was in her mid-30s, early in the morning on Aug. 19.

Although the details of what occurred during the invasion has not been revealed, Sok was reportedly in her home with her husband, Makara, and their son.

So, who was injured in the incident, was only able to report the shooting from a neighbor’s house after the attackers fled their home. Their child was reportedly unharmed.

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“Amazing mother, amazing wife,” Makara told Kiro7 News. “I love her to death. I wish she’s still here with me right now. My emotions are everywhere right now. I’m sad. I’m hurt. I don’t know what to do.”

Makara, who is Cambodian American, said he first met his wife at the Boeing Company. At the time, Sok had just opened her photography studio in Mill Creek in January 2021. She specialized in family photographs, including maternity photos.

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Aileen Lapuz, Sok’s cousin, noted that she was an award-winning photographer and Married if it was her success that made her a target in the crime.

“She has full of life, full of dreams. She’s very kind. She has no hate in her heart,” Lapuz told Kiro7 News. “I don’t know how to envy another human being for what they have. You know my cousin worked very hard, worked very hard.”

Sok’s family is considering raising money to ensure that the Snohomish County Sheriff has the resources and support to solve the murder. They are reportedly concerned about the rumors of the police being defunded. However, a spokesman for the sheriff said that defunding should not be a concern as the authorities have been vigorously investigating Sok’s murder.

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No arrests have been made.

“I’m here just to find justice for my wife,” Makara said. “I’m begging the community to come out and help me catch these people. This is a shameless act. Who think you would wake up and lose your wife.”

Featured Image via @irahsok_images (left, right)