Sabnam, an Instagram influencer, chuckles as her friend Nadeem says Indians should be raped and killed

On April 6, an audio clip of Sabnam and her friend Nadeem on Instagram went viral on social media platforms where Nadeem heard him say that Indians should be raped, identified and killed. You could hear Sabnam laughing and chuckling as Nadeem continued to bully Indians in a 2-minute clip. At one point, she even proclaimed Nadeem “the funniest guy.”

The audio clip was shared on Twitter by one TiredBhiim. In his tweet, he said, “Absolutely disgusting !! See what these people’s hatred of Indians is. This is Sabnam and her friend Nadeem. OpIndia chose not to transcribe the audio as it is, but to present the gist of the conversation as the content is too mean and offensive.

Nadeem said, “I saw three Hindus killed before my eyes. They die every day in our area. They should be killed openly. A cow was killed a few days ago. The Indian approached and raised an objection. I made him call the police and administration. They wouldn’t do anything. “

Continuing his abuse while Sabnam was still chuckling, Nadeem said, “The Hindu religion is nothing. These people imagine different things. One of them has the head of something else. The second is half and half. These people are the garbage of the world. ” In response to his abuse, Sabnam said, “I was choking while laughing. Nadeem, the king of comedy, for real!

Nadeem challenged everyone and said, “If anyone wants to report me, go ahead. If I had an AK 47, I would have identified them and killed them one by one. Hindus should be raped. I’ll do it. I raped three Indian women. ” Throughout the clip, he used vile, absolutely hideous abuses against Indians.

When Sabnam asked him to calm down, he said, “I want them to kill me. Make me a martyr. There will be 100 more after me. What will they do then?

Another part of the audio file also went viral on the Internet. In the video, you can hear Nadeem saying that Hindus fear death while Muslims are fearless.

“You Indians can fear death, we don’t. Because we are Muslims. We are not afraid of death ”, a person who identifies as Nadeem said.

Sabnam plays a victim card and threatens to commit suicide

After the sound went viral, Sabnam used the victim’s card in her Instagram stories. She said, “For the first time in two days, you threaten me with rape and death. You add me to random groups and abuse my religion. I can’t take it anymore. While I was alive, others like Abhishek Dev, Yuvraj, etc., threatened me with rape and death. My mental health is ruined. I was depressed before and you made it easy for me. The last time I spoke to my parents. Now the police will take care of it.

Screenshot of Insta Sabnam’s story.

She added: “I am freeing myself from this life. You made me take this step. Nobody says anything to the guy who spoke during the live session. I am a girl and lonely, so you all threaten me. I wrote not with the names of those who threatened me. If I am mistreated without error, this story should be widespread. Thank you for motivating me to end my life. “