Stake your Bitcoin, BNB and SHIB Risk-free

Stake your Bitcoin, BNB and SHIB Risk-free


Characterized by an exceptional level of volatility, crypto is generally known for high risk, high return investment opportunities. But what if you could keep the sky-high profits while eliminating the risk?

With the ArbiSmart interest-generating wallet and financial services hub, users can benefit from consistent, unmatched profits, whichever direction the market is moving.

The Best of Both Worlds: Zero Effort, Total Control

ArbiSmarts EU authorised wallet offers passive profits that require no action at all once funds have been deposited. You can start earning right from day one, with a completely customizable investment opportunity, that requires no hands-on management, but which you can tailor to suit your personal preferences:

  1. A selection of 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies
  2. A choice of plan types and time frames. Pick between an available interest-free balance from which funds can be withdrawn any time and savings plans, locked for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years.
  3. Multiple ways to receive interest. Interest, which is paid out daily can be received to a separate available balance where it is always instantly accessible, it can be added to the locked savings balance alongside the deposit on which it is being earned, or it can be converted into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, and locked for the duration of the plan.

As Low-Risk as a Bank But 100X More Profitable

ArbiSmart offers profits that are unparalleled in the industry. Wallet savings plans generate up to 147% a yearwith the exact amount being determined by your account level. Your account status is based on how much RBIS you own, so the more RBIS you have, the higher your interest rate on savings plans in Euro, Bitcoin or any other supported currency.

To be eligible to earn interest with an ArbiSmart wallet, you need minimum Beginner level account status, which requires ownership of 1,000 RBIS. While balances can be opened in a huge selection of currencies, balances in RBIS earn three times more than any other balance.

ArbiSmart is able to generate such high returns, while reducing your exposure to close to zero, because of the way it monetizes deposited capital. ArbiSmart uses the funds invested on the platform to perform crypto arbitragean automated risk free investment strategy that makes money from instances where a cryptocurrency is temporarily available across a number of exchanges, at different prices simultaneously. These brief price inefficiencies occur regularly for multiple reasons, like differences in trading volume between bigger exchanges and smaller ones. Crypto arbitrage offers a hedge against a bear trend and provides reliable, consistent returns, that can be calculated in advance or making a deposit. This is because price inefficiencies arise just as frequently, in buoll and bear markets So, even if the market were to suddenly collapse, the system would continue to generate a steady profit.

An Expanding Network of Opportunities

As more people lock RBIS in savings plans, taking it out of circulation, and demand rises, the limited supply will shrink. Demand will rise even higher, further outstripping supply through Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, with the scheduled launch of a stream of new utilities, all of which will require the use of RBIS. These include a mobile application, a Defi protocol offering yield farming, an NFT marketplace, an exclusive collection of ArbiSmart NFTsa play-to-earn metaverse, with RBIS as the in-game currency and a cryptocurrency exchange.

All these ArbiSmart ecosystem utilities will be interconnected, with an NFT boosting scores in the metaverse. Also, RBIS use will offer preferential terms. For example, transaction fees on the crypto exchange will be lower if paid in the native token, further increasing token usage.

As demand outpaces supply, the RBIS price will rise, generating generous capital gains. So, in addition to interest from savings plans, wallet holders will earn profits on the rising token value. This is before taking into account potential profits from each of the individual utilities, like gaming, NFT collection, trading, and yield farming.

ArbiSmart is offering 1,000 free account points to anyone who opens a savings balance within 3 days of this article being posted. This will place the recipient at Beginner Level account status and make them eligible to earn interest on savings plans, without having to buy any RBIS.

Please note that the free points are not RBIS and cannot be converted into currency, but will raise account levels, meaning higher interest rates on savings plans

To claim your free points, you simply need to sign up and contact the team by chat to request the account status upgrade.

Don’t miss your window. Open a wallet today!

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.