TRESemme Enters The Metaverse | HAPPI

TRESemmé has become the first brand in Pakistan to join the metaverse, an integrated network of 3D worlds that brings together various multiple virtual spaces.

TRESemme’s metaverse is aimed to establish a strong footing in the web3 space to experiment with marketing strategies and help “TRESsetters” lead trends from the front using new and innovative techniques.

Immersive and omnipresent, the metaverse integrates virtual reality to create a dynamic virtual environment where the brand’s “Tres girls” can style their hair and flaunt their tres-ses. While in its infancy, brand officials say its potential to unleash the next wave of digital disruption is taking the world by storm.

Virtual Salon and Runway Journey

TRESemmé is the first in the industry to launch in the metaverse and revamp the so-called “style game” by empowering women’s presence through a customized experience suited for their specific hair. The brand now joins a number of other well-known companies that have made it onto the metaverse’s fast-expanding brand list.

TRESemmé has joined hands with Exarta, a groundbreaking company that works with the aim of making the Exarta Metaverse, a leading Web 3.0 portal for e-commerce and transactional technology. TRESemmé will take its consumers on a virtual salon and runway journey. The TRESverse is the first-of-its-kind virtual reality where each TRESsetter can own her style and flaunt her salon-smooth, frizz-free hair. TRESgirls can express themselves through their personalized avatars and curated runway looks.

Ensuring accessibility for consumers, the TRESverse journey begins from the comfort of their own homes, via laptop or PC connection. They can choose from pre-designed avatars for themselves and enter into the TRESversé’s virtual salon, explore the TRESemmé range, test out new hairstyles, participate in virtual fashion shows, and order free samples of TRESemmé in the virtual world and get them delivered straight to their doorsteps in the real world.

Humza Mahfooz and Zoha Akhtar from the TRESemmé brand team launch this “Avatar-based” premium styling experience, which will enable TRESsetters to own their style and engage with a community of TRESsetters in real time with just a few clicks of a button. They believe TRESsetters lead trends from the front, and have developed this platform to inspire, empower and equip users to make their presence count with TRESemmé.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen by TRESemmé to create the experience for their first step into the immersive world. This shows Exarta and TRESemmé are aligned in their vision to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Qasim Tabrez, cofounder and COO, Exarta. “We’ve been building our platform with a core focus on transitioning brands into the metaverse and this will be a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase that.”

A New Age of Marketing

TRESsetters will be able to interact with each other in real time, which means every individual gets a chance to be a part of the very exclusive TRES Squad. Pakistan is on the brink of a new age of marketing that promises to bring new possibilities to the consumer, making the impossible possible and helping create a bridge between the virtual and real worlds.

“Metaverse opens up new possibilities for our brands to engage with consumers in ways never imagined before,” said Amanpreet Singh, global media lead, metaverse & web3, Unilever. “The rapid growth in Metaverse technologies has ensured that the marketing narrative is gradually shifting from brand storytelling to consumers living the brand story through engaging experiences. This activation from TRESemme is a testament of the narrative shift and a brilliant showcase of how a leading consumer goods brand can take the experience of Metaverse to mass audiences by seamlessly integrating their brand identity and product proposition in a fun immersive fashion.”